Get to know the reality, mission and vision of this project.

The Reality

The brazilian backlands (in portuguese: "sertão") are known as the economically poorest region of Brazil. Images of drought, hunger and great social inequality are reinforced daily by the news and entertainment industry. Statistics show that in the small towns and rural communities of the hinterland of northeast, more than 80% of the population has not yet heard or accepted the message of the Gospel. This fact makes some scholars call the backlands "Brazilian Window 10-40" *. The challenge of this region is also cultural: Extreme need, coupled with lack of opportunities and information, creates a care mentality, marked by a deep dependence on an negligent State. This situation is favorable to the emergence of deceivers in the political scenario, which perpetuates the cycles of dependence of a people already suffered. We believe that only the Gospel is capable of being the answer to this scenario, and bringing genuine freedom to this people: socially, economically, culturally and spiritually.

* region where the least evangelized peoples of the world are located.

The Mission

Geographically located in the heart of the northeastern backlands, the city of Petrolina is home to the largest urban settlement in the northeastern hinterland of Brazil, and the best city to become a revival center for this region! Its strategic position puts it in the center of a circle, with radius of 600-700km to the main capitals of the northeast. Its airport is the main aerial entrance gate to the brazilian backlands. Its prosperity, fruit of the waters of the São Francisco River, makes the city a lively and dynamic place, being the 3rd largest exporter of fruit in the world. Historically it was known as "Passage", since it always welcomed travelers, including missionaries, who had it as a base before breaking new frontiers in the expansion of brazilian territory in the old times. Once again, our city will be a base: A base for the revival that will flood the backlands, and splash through the world! Once again, we will break borders: The "land of the impossible" (as Petrolina is also known by his people) begins a new chapter, another project "impossible" to human eyes. We will build a 7.5 acre complex in our downtown, the headquarters of a Revival Center for the brazilian backlands. And you can write this story with us!

The Vision

We will become the largest Revival and Missions Center in brazilian backlands, to spread the principles and power of the Gospel to the backlands and the world. We will build, in an initial ​​7.5 acre area, the headquarters for Verbo da Vida Church in Petrolina, the Movimento NGO, and Maximize Ministry. We will receive missionaries from the nations, and we will also send them. We will be a great agent of social transformation. The Word of Faith will be carried to all four corners. We see this place as an environment that will transform mindsets: the epicenter of an awakening of uncommon prosperity and growth. A place of liberation from victimhood and smallness. We invite you, who have read this text, and believe as we believe, to WRITE THIS HISTORY WITH US! Click HERE, and be part of our Chapter 2.

"Just as the São Francisco River, in its transposition, is quenching the thirsty in various places, the rivers of the Spirit will leave from here to inspire and revive hundreds of cities through generations." Pastor Edilson de Lira.